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 Business General Liability provides more than

 slip-and-fall coverage

Not all insurance agents are created equally.  Do you have the correct coverage for your Internet Sales Business?

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It’s a sad fact of business life today.  People are more sue-happy than ever before and it’s important you know where your exposures are and how best to protect yourself and your assets.

  1. If you are sourcing your products from overseas, there are specific certificates you need from your manufacturers to help keep your Products Liability premium as low as possible.
  2. Find out the kinds of negligence claims that may affect your business
  3. Do you fulfill using FBA or FBM?  Does your agent understand the difference?
  4. Is Cyber Liability coverage necessary?
  5. Do you have Ocean Marine protection?  Does it cover foreign inland transit?  Warehousing and stock throughput?
  6. Are you protecting yourself with a good Executive Liability policy?  You need this if a party alleges that the corporate officers and/or directors did their duties improperly.  There are 3 types of exposures:
    • Directors & Officers Liability</h5
    • Indemnification
    • Corporate Liability
  7. Do you have a brick and mortar storefront?  Then you need Business Income coverage

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